Love Breathe for Earth Reiki Adventure  

Victoria, British Colombia Fall 2016 

with Reiki Master Teacher Hillary Raimo


Join Hillary Raimo for a Reiki nature adventure in the redwood old growth forests in British Columbia this Fall over the 2016 eclipse cycle. Each participant will learn a form of moving mediation similar to Tai Chi and Qi Gong called Reiki Walking. Victoria, British Columbia is listed as one of the top ten healthiest places on the planet, and has one of the lowest carbon imprints on the globe. 


Over the course of 5 days we will explore our human love with the elementals of nature through the art of Reiki Walking. Come experience the ancient raw frequency of the old growth redwood forests, the pacific ocean and the humpback whales. Through direct experience, art, discussion and muse we will invoke the individual original seed of consciousness as our subject of whole being study during our time together. 


Reiki Walking is an experiential immersion in the natural environment around you. Consciously interacting with nature and your higher senses of intuition. Through a series of meditations in the forest, along with intentional movement, participants will open to a better understanding of the connection between human and nature through direct contact and experience with the art of Reiki Walking.


Come prepared to express your journey creatively everyday and enjoy the company of fellow travelers on the journey of life. Come ready to enhance your health, and the planets, as a co-creation of intentional movement through a pristine natural space while connected and grounded. All of this individually, and together collectively as a group, in a safe and profound way.


During the day we will explore different landscapes in the area. Study the palette of the forest. Creatively express our growth from our time with nature daily, and take in some of the healthiest  earth energy on the planet. Learn the art of Reiki Walking and experience the different levels of it as taught by Reiki Master Teacher, Hillary Raimo. 


In the evenings we will gather in a private home and star gaze over the Pacific ocean and perhaps an aurora light will bless our time together. In a relaxed informal setting Hillary will be discussing topics such as, the invisible palette, the art of conversation and accessing the consciousness of nature. 



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