Two sisters, Hillary Raimo and Caitlin Theresa, reunited in April 2014 and made a pilgrimage to Cape Cod on the Atlantic Ocean. After completing a meditation on the beach for the first time together, they walked over the sand dunes and came upon the words “Love” and “Breathe” written in the sand. In that order, Love…then Breathe. 


The words inspired, and proceeded to spark, a world wide collective consciousness event over the course of two years, in honor of the Earth. Love, Breathe, for Earth has quickly ignited the hearts of humanity all over the globe as people reunite with nature and begin to heal their relationship with her. Beginning on May 18th, 2014 thirteen global meditations were organized during the tetrad cycle of April 2014 - September 2015.


People around the world participated in an experiential hypothesis of collective consciousness joined with the power of love and meditation in/with nature. Regardless of religion, beliefs, and with no dogma, Love Breathe for Earth offers a platform for people to practice their reciprocal relationship with Earth. Joining minds and hearts at 1pm all times zones in all 13 global gatherings we created a rippling force of focused intention around the planet supported by the power of the sun in its zenith during a rare 4 blood moon eclipse alignment over the two years.


Aligning with many ancient and newer schools of thought that the Sun is the giver of all life and the consort of Earth, bringing heaven and earth together as one.