Based on the science of trauma and PTSD we know that negative painful memories can cause the human body much suffering. Because of that science we asked ourselves what if one focuses on their memories of love consciously? How would that effect/affect the human body/mind/nature connection? This was a question we mused as we imagined the consequences.


It has become known in the scientific communities that plant intelligence is an area of understanding we are visiting now with much new discovery. Plants communicate and can sense human emotion and thought. They release chemical compounds accordingly and neighboring plants respond. If they feel threatened they respond, so we asked what if they feel love? We began to explore a series of questions that corresponded with the experiences in our Love Breathe for Earth meditations.


Love is different for everyone. We all have our own experiences that are unique. Perhaps that is the key. Perhaps we emit a special frequency that signals a series of reactions in the natural world around us that begins to signal nature in a way we have yet to understand. Individually we are special that way, together we are a symphony of harmonics. 



Love Breathe for Earth has become a modern day experiential hypothesis of love, meditation and nature.